Ikea Detolf – Installing Dioder LED Light Strips

I just bought myself one of the Ikea’s Detolf display cases last week, and I’m simply loving it so far. I started searching up “Detolf” from within Google to see what other’s setup is like, and it got me interested in installing lights into it as well.

From the many sites I found, I’ve decided I would stick to pure white colour lights only, as it just looks weird to have different colour lights shining on my collection. For my Detolf, I followed AesSedai’s guide for LED lights installation, and I must say it worked wonderfully.

I will list the prices for the material I used below (Canada).


The end result is pretty good. Because I placed my Detolf on carpet floor and not hardwood, I couldn’t quite hide all the wires underneath the case like what AesSedai did. Nevertheless, I’m quite happy with the way my case looks now. =)


1 Pack of Zip-Ties

Pick the smallest size of zip-ties, as they’ll be used to wrap the LED strips in place, as well as the cables to the Detolf’s frame.

1 Pack of Spiral Cable Wrap

The spiral cable wrap was 3m long, and I had less than a meter left when I was done.

Top LED Placement

I chose to place the top slot’s LED placement to be diagonal to maximize the amount of light for the case overall. The LED package came with 8 pieces of double-sided tape for use. 2 of them were used here.

Side LED Placement

Side LED Placement

The LED strip lights for the rest of the slots were placed in an alternating pattern (left, right, left). The strips were each held by 2 zip-ties at both ends. Make sure you don’t tighten the zip-ties too much, as the strip will bend. You’ll only need the zip-tie tight enough just so the strip stays in its position aimed at the direction you want, as well as having room to adjust its position slightly.

Spiral Cable Wrap

Spiral Cable Wrap

The spiral cable wrap was used to hide the cable and to make the case look clean. Try to get the clear spiral wrap if you can.

Ikea Detolf with Dioder LED Light Strip

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